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我以香港舊區建築物的碎片和記憶,去重現建築物的空間與關係, 觀看着不同建築物,記憶成了重疊錯落的殘影,現實與想像的交錯幻化出不同的境地,卻又交織出混亂有序,結構緊緻精密的「新」空間 我特別選 鋼筆來繪畫出表演者和舞台,把建築物的碎片組合,形成新的個體/合成物的線條細緻地描繪建築物的痕跡就像消失了的記憶一樣,與 彩描繪的新建築物形成鮮明對比 引領觀眾以另一種形式來觀察被遺忘的城市面貌,重組失落的記憶 。










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"Hong Kong Trilogy” – this title is the same title of one of the book from writer Shi Shuqing, to reflect the “no longer young” Hong Kong, just as same as the protagonist in Shi’s book. The trilogy is made up of three different media - Watercolors, Relief Printings and Oil Paintings to commemorate the passing of Hong Kong.


"Living Building"

By how I remember of old buildings in Hong Kong, piece by piece as thousands of fragments to reproduce a spatial structures and the relationships in between old buildings in Hong Kong.  The overlapping memories are blurred and scattered when looking at different buildings.  Reality and imagination staggered out different situation, but intertwined chaos and orderly.  I specially used fountain pen to draw out the stage and the perfo0rmers; the broken combination of the building; the formation of every line, to reconstruct a “new” space.  I meticulously line out the buildings details and contrasting with water color, to let the viewers to see the lost city and elaborate their memories.

"Trace in White"

By using Hong Kong buildings  as element and the urban changes as the theme.  The photo shows Hong Kong’s new buildings; the engraving shows the old building.  When putting them together, it creates old and new contrast effect.

During the engraving process, I have to cut away some materials which express some buildings in Hong Kong disappeared one by one.  However, traces of these buildings will remains in the new space. Just as same as the demolished buildings will leave traces somewhere in Hong Kong.


Through a strong sense of space and perspective, only extract a part of the building on the screen, to create the relationship in between the building and space. To highlight the original color and the traces of the building, the contrast of the illusory space and the real building, let audience to re-examine the city in this unreal new space, to highlight the city's emptiness and alienated, and finally, slowly disappearing in the air.

© 2019 by Kennylsp. 

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